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Olimp Vita-Min Multiple Sport Mega Caps is a simple and comfortable way of supplementing your diet with the most important minerals and vitamins combined with plant extracts. With such a combination of ingredients, you can be sure that you are on the right track to reach the peak of your own abilities! Choosing the top-class Olimp Sport Nutrition product, highly appreciated by athletes around the world, your body gains additional, professional support during daily demanding and exhausting workout sessions

Olimp VITA-MIN Multiple Sport

SKU: 0010
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    • massive portions of the most important micronutrients for athletes
    • innovative formula of some of the minerals - Albion aminoacid chelate - which guarantees you a better absorption, due to the fact that it is hypoallergenic and does not cause irritation to the digestive tract
    • an easy and comfortable way of supplementing your daily diet with high-quality vitamins and minerals
    • unquestionable support for every physical activity enthusiast, regardless of the type of the chosen discipline
    • support in proper functioning of the immune system (due to the vitamin A, C, D, and zinc content)
    • help in maintaining the proper energy-yielding metabolism (magnesium, calcium, iron, vitamin B6, B12, C)
    • help in reducing the feeling of tiredness (vitamin B6)
    • beneficial influence on adequate muscle function (vitamin D, magnesium)
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